Domaine Bonneliere Saumur Blanc

Stuck in a rut with your white wine? It happens to the best of us. Luckily there’s Saumur Blanc. It’s a potent and vivacious little number. Sassy in all the right places. Kinda like the french version of ‘Lil Kim.
  • Smell

    Fresh with a light fruity aroma, bursting with the fragrant sensuality of a warm Mediterranean night.


    Amazingly crisp with green apple flavours and a refreshing acidity that leaves the mouth watering.

    If this wine was a person, it would be

    ’Lil Kim: sassy, dramatic, and with massive style

    Why you need to try it

    The wine is aged for nine months in French oak, so it’s not only crisp, it has a beguiling hint of spiced honey. Pair with Southeastern Asian dishes as well as goat cheese.

  • Origin

    Loire, France




    Chenin Blanc


  • Domaine de la Bonneliere is owned and managed by Anthony and Cedric Bonneau, who are fifth generation winemakers.

    The winery’s ethos is to let the fruit express its "Terroir" (or flavour derived from its unique soil) and so the use of SO2 is kept to a minimum and native yeasts are used where possible.




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