Le Casse Noix Cabernet Sauvignon

A warm welcome to your kitchen table!

Let’s be honest, when things go well, we seldom question why or how. We simply sigh, smile, and enjoy. That's what you can expect for this lovely Cabernet Sauvignon from Le Casse Noix.

Rich fruit with a mouth-watering acidity. Not too heavy. Not too light. It's definitely a 2-glass session! And your weekly shopping list will cheerfully welcome it into the fold.

  • Smell

    Fragrant black cherry, cassis and spices like pepper and cinnamon.


    Full bodied fruit flavours including blackcurrant warmed cherries. Spices like pepper and cinnamon.

     A mouth-watering acidity is balanced with a lingering taste in the mouth. 

    If this wine was a person, it would be

    Julia Child: cheeky, cheerful, and welcome in the kitchen

    Why you need to try it

     It’s a rich tasting wine that’s outstanding value for money.

  • Origin

    Languedoc, France




    Cabernet Sauvignon


  • Le Casse Noix, Vin Extraordinaire, is a compact range of high quality, well balanced wines made from grapes sourced throughout Southern France. 




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