Mixed Case - French Wines

Vive la mixed case! How fun is it to try new wines?

From zesty Sancerres to full-bodied Cabs, you'll discover our popular selection of red and white wines hailing from the Loire and Languedoc regions.  

Makes the perfect Christmas gift!  

This superb French case contains red and white wines including:

2 x Largesse, Sauvignon Blanc
Uplifting and richly flavourful with grapefruit and lychee

2 x Balland Chapuis, Sancerre
Bursting with zesty citrus and rich honeyed vanilla

2 x Domaine Morin Langaran, Picpoul de Pinet
Lively aromas with white peach and zesty lime
2 x Domaine de la Bonnelière, Saumur Blanc
Refreshing with white fruit and a nice minerality

2 x Casse Noix, Cabernet Sauvignon
Sensual aromas of black cherries with spicy cassis

2 x Pierre et Papa, Red
Easy to drink; lively red raspberries and spicy cassis flavours 


If you'd like this sent as a Christmas gift, do let us know as we have red gift cartons for a lovely presentation!




Type: Mixed Case