Silga Verdejo

So you’ve found it. Your new summer wine crush. No easy task, was it? Dodging that minefield of supermarket whites can be quite tiring. But now, happy camper, you’re living the life of Riley. De Nada.
  • Smell

    Beautiful aromas of green apples and citrus.


    Super fresh, crisp and zesty with dazzling green apple, citrus, and subtle herbaceous flavours.

    If this wine was a person, it would be

    Et tu mama’s Gael Garcia Bernal: seductive, charming, and simply wonderful.

    Why you need to try it

    It’s full flavoured wine that’s outstanding value for money. Pairs well with fish and chips, grilled chicken and salads.

  • Origin

    Rueda, Spain






  • Alvarez y Diez are mavericks and the first in the region to produce the crisp, herbaceous style associated with Rueda today.

    The wine uses some of the oldest vines in the D.O. The vines are also among the highest in Rueda, where there's a huge difference between night and day temperatures, resulting in perfectly balanced wine!



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Type: White

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