Domaine Colombette Grenache Rosé 2013

Stop and smell the rosé 

There are some wines that burst through the door, as raucous and flamboyant as Seinfeid’s Cramer. Not this one.

This rosé is a lovely flower of a wine, like that lithe ingénue across the room with interesting shoes. The one who will never be too old or too shy to wear flowers in her hair. 

  • Smell

    Refreshing with the subtle scent of strawberries.


    Don’t let the berries fool you, this rosé is crisp, dry and utterly refreshing. A medium-bodied rosé underpinned with steely minerality.

    If this wine was a person, it would be

    The French version of Dead Can Dance’s Lisa Gerrard: full of delicate loveliness but whose voice could melt steel.

    Why you need to try it

    This rosé is as indispensible as sunglasses on a summer day. You’ll wonder how you ever managed a picnic without it. But even on rainy days, you’ll love it with grilled meat such as pork or chicken.



  • Origin








  • This winery started with the stuff of legends. It’s 1890 and a blacksmith falls with in love with a lady winemaker. Her wedding present? The first hectare of vines. No wonder this rosé is a mix of steely minerality and lovely red fruit. #yeswayrosé


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Type: Rose

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