Llopart Cava Brut Reserva 2012

Cava! Cava! CAVA!

Say it aloud and even the word sounds like an incantation to ward off evil witches.

And an antidote to boredom (and hexes) it is.

  • Smell

    Enticing and fresh with subtle apple scents and lovely bakery aromas from the yeasts. Creamy with a nice, lingering taste.


    Crisp, dry, and sparkly with flavours of apple, biscuit and almond.

    If this wine was a person, it would be

    Salvador Dali tap-dancing on a tube platform: it’s entertainment in a bottle.

    Why you need to try it

    It’s versatility in action. Some condescend and call Cava an alternative to champagne, as it uses the same high-quality fermentation techniques. But Cava is too good for that kind of comparison. Its crisp, refreshing taste is a treat with spicy food or anything with a yummy rich sauce.



  • Origin





    30% Macabeu, 40% Xarel Lo, 30% Parellada. Aged a minimum of 18 months.


  • Llopart is a family-owned winery dating back to 1887. It's the second oldest Cava house in the world and the most established Cava house in Spain. From hand picking grapes to using the craft method of manual tipping, (don’t ask), Llopart upholds the traditional quality methods inherited from their ancestors. Aged a minimum of 18 months. Just a cracking cava!


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