Noble Savage Cabernet/Merlot 2011

A DJ saved my life!

Remember how exciting it was to receive a mixtape? Or even better, when you made a mixtape for that hottie in English class? 

The hottie has now grown up and returned the favour by creating this wine just for you. It’s a beautiful blend of blackberry aromas that mixes into sensual, lingering flavours of red fruit and cassis.

  • Smell

    Irresistible aromas of blackberries blended with warmed cherries.


    Beautiful flavours of sumptuous black fruit blended with warmed cherries and hints of spice like clove and cassis.

    If this wine was a person, it would be

    Joe Strummer: blending music genres to create jewels of joyfulness

    Why you need to try it

    A rich tasting wine for an amazing price. Plus the labels are incredibly cool!


  • Origin

    South Africa




    Cabernet Sauvignon (72%) Merlot (28%)


  • The winery is set on the dramatic slide of a mountain, overlooking the Banghoek valley. Husband and wife team, Michael and Rose Jordaan balance passion with an overriding respect for nature. Along with achieving carbon neutral status for both their farming and winemaking, they’ve planted more than 7,000 trees on their estate to restore and protect the neglected slopes.






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